Board of Directors

Yoshinori H. T. Himel : President

Yoshinori H. T. Himel


Yoshinori Himel is a 1975 King Hall graduate, a part-time law teacher there, and a retired Assistant United States Attorney. He wrote his first computer program in 1955 and got his bachelor's in mathematics from Harvard. He was ABAS's founding President. ABAS, the State Bar, VLSP, the King Hall Alumni Association, and others have honored him for his pro bono work. He has been president of the Foundation since 1999.

Henry D. Nanjo : Secretary

Henry D. Nanjo


Henry D. Nanjo, Secretary, who has a decade in private practice as a litigator and over twenty years as a government lawyer, currently is Chief Counsel with the CA State Board of Equalization. He is a past President of ABAS, Asian/Pacific Bar Assn. of CA, and the APSEA Foundation. Henry is a founding member of CAPITAL, and continues to be active in a number of community and church activities.


Jeri Paik : CFO/Treasurer

Jeri Paik


Jeri formed the ABAS Law Foundation in 1997, and has served as CFO for most of its existence. She currently chairs the ABAS annual golf tournament. When not helping her favorite non-profit, she can be reached at her law firm. She is certified by the State Bar of CA, Bd. of Legal Specialization, as a specialist in her principal areas of practice, which are estate planning, probate and trust administration. For more information about her, visit

Michael K. Iwahiro : Board Member

Michael K. Iwahiro

Board Member

Mike was born in Los Angeles, raised in Sacramento and learned hard work as a farmhand on his grandparents' North Shore, Oahu farm. He graduated from Boalt Hall in 1986. While on the ABAS Board in the late 1980’s, he established the ABAS scholarship program and served as the committee’s inaugural chair. He enjoys assisting with the Foundation’s annual golf tournament to help raise funds for the scholarship and other Foundation programs. Email Mike at

Joshua Kaizuka : Board Member

Joshua Kaizuka

Board Member

Joshua Kaizuka has been on the board since 2012 and chairs the annual wine and food tasting event. He served as President of the Asian/Pacific Bar Association of Sacramento (ABAS) and as a co-chair of the civil rights committee for the Florin JACL. Josh is a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer by day.

Jeannie Lee Jones : Board Member

Jeannie Lee Jones

Board Member

Jeannie Lee Jones was the ABAS President in 2010 and served on the SCBA as an elected board member from 2011-2014. She has previously interned for LSNC and volunteered in VLSP’s debt collection clinic. Ms. Jones has helped plan and organize numerous events such as the annual ABAS dinner and the SCBA Bench Bar reception.